Privacy policy

Version: March 16, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

1. About this Policy

This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") covers the collection, use, and disclosure of information about the users of the web site that contains this document (the "Site") by an individual or entity maintaining the Site (the "Maintainer", or "we" or "us"). The Maintainer may own or operate (or have other persons or entities operate on its behalf) other web sites and online services each of which may be subject to a different Privacy Policies. Any such Privacy Policy will be accessible for you to read either within, or through your use of, a web site or service that it applies to.

This Policy does not apply to federated servers run by anyone else. Federated social web is an open network where participants may exchange copies of content and information about users, and this Policy only applies to the Site provided by the Maintainer.

This Policy also explains the Maintainer's commitment to you with respect to our use and disclosure of browsing and site usage data that the Maintainer collects as the provider of the Site. That commitment is contained in the Section 7 below.

2. Information collected

The Maintainer may collect information about you at certain places of the Site, including, without limitation:

  1. when you provide your contact information by registering on, or sending messages via, the Site;
  2. when you post, store, or share any content or information on the Site;
  3. when the Site exchanges content and information with other federated services.

The Maintainer does not collect any information that would constitute "Personal information" under the Massachusetts regulation 201 CMR 17.00 through this Site.

3. What the Maintainer does with the collected information

The information you provide via the Site may be used to:

  1. respond to your request - for example, to reply to you via email;
  2. support communication between users of this Site and different federated servers or platforms;
  3. send you information about the news and events related to the Maintainer, its products and services;
  4. maintain the history of communications with a user;
  5. make inquiries about the content you submit;
  6. apply or enforce the Terms of Use or Additional Terms that govern your use of the Site.

4. Your right to opt out

You have the right to opt out of receiving messages with information about the news and events related to the Maintainer, its products and services. To do that, follow the opt-out instructions provided within any such message.

You may also control the extent to which a particular content you submit is shared with the federated servers by choosing a visibility level to that content among the following levels:

5. Disclosures of information to third parties

In general, it is not the Maintainer's practice to disclose information about users of the Site to third parties. The Maintainer may share such information in the following instances:

  1. The Maintainer may share information with its contractors and service providers in order to maintain, enhance, or add to the functionality of the Site or other services.
  2. The Site may share information with federated servers to support communication between users of different sites, services, or platforms.
  3. The Maintainer may disclose your information to third parties in a good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to (i) take action regarding suspected illegal activities; (ii) enforce or apply the Terms of Use, Additional Terms, and Privacy Policy; (iii) comply with legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, or court order; or (iv) protect rights, reputation, business, and property of the Maintainer, its clients, members, managers, officers, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, attorneys, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, successors, assigns, executors, administrators, users of the Site and services, or the public.

If the Maintainer is required to provide a third party with your information (whether by subpoena or otherwise), then provided that it has collected and retained an email address for you, the Maintainer will use reasonable means to notify you promptly of that event, unless the Maintainer is prohibited to do so by law or otherwise advised not to notify you by a legal counsel. The Maintainer may not be able to notify you if your information is requested from, and/or disclosed by, owners, operators, or maintainers of federated servers.

6. Security of the information collected

You hereby acknowledge and agree that any information you submit to the Site is transmitted over non-secure channels and may thus be intercepted by third parties beyond the Maintainer's control. Even though the Maintainer has implemented reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access to stored information about users of the Site, no web site can fully eliminate security risks. Third parties may circumvent the security measures to unlawfully access information about the Site's users.

By using the Site, you assume the risk that information about you may be intercepted or otherwise accessed by unauthorized third parties. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Maintainer, its members, managers, officers, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, attorneys, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, parents, successors, assigns, executors, administrators, and other users of the Site and services from and against any and all loss, expenses, damages, and costs, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting, whether directly or indirectly, from such unauthorized access.

It is your sole responsibility to keep your user name, password and other sensitive information confidential. Actions taken using your credentials shall be deemed to be actions taken by you, with all consequences including service termination, civil and criminal penalties. If you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security, you must notify Private individual immediately.

7. Browsing and site usage data policy

When you use the Site, the Maintainer's servers (which may be hosted by a third party service provider) may collect information indirectly and automatically (through, for example, the use of your "IP address") about your activities while visiting the Site and information about the browser you are using.

The Maintainer does not intentionally link browsing information or information from its server logs to the information you submit to the Site. We use the browsing information and server logs for internal purposes only, such as to help understand how the Site is being used, to improve the web sites and other services we provide, and for systems administration purposes. The Maintainer may use a third party analytics provider to help us collect and analyze browsing information through operation of our Site for those same purposes.

Except in the unique situations identified in this Policy, the Maintainer does not sell or otherwise voluntarily provide the browsing information we collect about you or your Site usage to third parties.

If the Maintainer is required to provide a third party with your browsing information (whether by subpoena or otherwise), then it will use reasonable means to notify you promptly of that event, unless the Maintainer is prohibited by law from doing so or is otherwise advised not to notify you by a legal counsel.

8. Removal requests

You may request the removal of your Content from the Site or Services at any time, and the Maintainer will take steps to remove such Content on a best-effort basis; provided, however, that the Maintainer can remove any such Content only from its Sites and cannot remove Content from backup copies, mirrors, caches, archives, history pages, and community forums where you may post content, or others' computers, such as Content you may have sent to others in an email posted to an email list. We will also forward your request to have the data deleted onto federated servers. However, these servers are outside our span of control, so we cannot guarantee they will delete your data. If you choose to remove your Content, the license you granted when submitting such Content (according to subsection 11.2 of the Site's Terms of Use) will remain in full force and effect in accordance with its terms.

9. Transfer of control over the Site or its data

The Maintainer may transfer some or all of your information to a third party as a result of an incorporation, reorganization, merger, spin-off, or similar transaction. Upon such transfer, the acquirer's privacy policy will apply. In such event, the Maintainer will use reasonable efforts to notify you and allow you to opt out of having your information (except for the browsing and site usage data) transferred to the acquirer.

10. Minors

The Site is not directed at persons under the age of 16. Its Terms of Use specifically prohibit any user from submitting any personally identifiable information about persons under 16 years of age. Any person who provides their information to the Maintainer through the Site represents that they are 16 years of age or older.

11. Third-party sites

The Site may contain links to, or embed content from, other web sites or federated services, including, without limitation, media and program code that may be rendered or executed on your devices. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party sites and services. This Policy does not apply to, and the Maintainer cannot control the activities of, such other web sites and services.

12. International users

The Maintainer is operating from the United States, and the Site may be hosted in various jurisdictions worldwide. Federated servers can be located anywhere in the world and are subject to local laws and regulations. If you are accessing the Site from the European Union, Asia, or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure that differ from United States laws, please note that you are transferring your personal data to jurisdictions that do not have the same data protection laws as the EU and other regions. The Maintainer does not intend to offer any goods or services to, or monitor the behavior of data subjects within the European Economic Area. By providing your personal data you consent to:

  1. the use of your personal data as identified above in accordance with the Policy; and
  2. the transfer, and storage of, your personal data in the United States and other jurisdictions as indicated above.

13. Changes and updates to this privacy policy

The Maintainer may occasionally update this Policy. When doing so, it will also revise the Effective Date of the Policy. We encourage you to periodically review this Policy to stay informed about how the Maintainer is protecting information about you. Your continued use of the Site constitutes your agreement to this Policy and any updates.

14. Headings

The headings in this Policy are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent.

15. Attribution

This document has been prepared using excerpts of the following documents, in accordance with public licenses thereto:

  1. Master Privacy Policy by Creative Commons; retrieved from on June, 19 2012.
  2. Socialhome Privacy Policy; retrieved from on March, 9 2020.

Neither the Maintainer, nor its Site, Services, or other products have any connection with, sponsorship, or endorsement by Creative Commons or Socialhome.